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Human Resources Manager - MBC group

Rawan Bazzari is a Human Resources Manager at the MBC group in Jordan. She has over ten years of experience working in human resources management.

Rawan enjoys helping people develop their capabilities and realize their best potential through  communication support, personal development and coaching; this is why she chose human resources as her career path.

Rawan started her career path as an English teacher in Amman, but she was always drawn towards a career in the corporate world. She started working with a small semi-governmental federation, then moved to Doha and transitioned into human resources management. Rawan worked in several industries in Amman and Dubai, including digital media, education, health and safety, and humanitarian development.

Rawan holds an MBA degree from the University of Bedfordshire and a BA in English Literature from the Hashemite University in Jordan.  

Correspondence Language: Arabic, English


Area of Expertise
Career Development
CV Writing
Job Interview Skills
Job Search Strategies
Linkedin and Social Media Profiles
Personal Branding
Information Technology