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Training Courses

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Pocket Gamer Connect Digital #4

باقي 5 ايام للتسجيل لحضور قمة صناعة الألعاب الالكترونية بالشراكة مع المؤتمر العالمي لصانعي ألعاب الموبايل Pocket Gamer Connect Digital#4 والذي سيتم عقده عبر المنصات الالكترونية

Upcoming online courses

June 08, 21 June 08، 21

Sustainable Development

The importance and goals of sustainable development and practical methods that help organizations establish a special strategy for sustainability
June 07, 21 June 07، 21

Social Return on Investment

The concepts of social impact, social value and social return on investment and basic steps that help in calculating the social return on investment.
June 03, 21 June 03، 21

The Architecture of the Mosque

an overview of mosque historical evolution over the course of the millennium extending from the birth of Islam until the mid-seventeenth century

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