Terms and Conditions

Following is a review of the King Abdullah II Fund for Development’s terms and conditions for using ForUs.jo, which is operated by the Fund, in addition to the services the website provides. The King Abdullah II Fund for Development and the ForUs.jo will be referred to as ForUs.

These terms and conditions of use govern your use of our website; by using our website, you agree to these terms of use in full and this represents a legally binding agreement between you and ForUs.

The terms “You” or "User" refer to all individuals or entities visiting this website including, and not limited to, students, businesspeople, volunteers, companies, non-governmental organisations, training centres and entrepreneurship support organisations and entities.

Please  carefully read the following  Terms and Conditions before accessing or using ForUs.

Each time you use or access ForUs, you will be required to  acknowledge that you have  read , understood and agree to be bound by these  Terms of Use.

1. Changes  to Terms and Conditions of use:

ForUs preserves the right to make changes or amendments to the terms and conditions of use of the website at anytime and whenever necessary and publish the terms on the website.

You agree to check this page periodically and regularly to take notice of any changes.

Your decision to continue to use ForUs after the changes is considered an acknowledgement to the amended terms and conditions, which will govern your usage of the website.

If you do not agree to the amended Terms and Conditions or you have any objections, you can stop visiting or using ForUs and its services.

2. Licensing:

ForUs allows you to watch and download some of the material on the website for your personal individual use and not for commercial purposes. The content and services of the website are licensed, not sold, to You for use only under the terms of this license.

ForUs owns and retains all rights in the content and the services on the website.

ForUs hereby owns any content you provide to the website including messages, forums, competitions or chat rooms. ForUs has no obligation to compensate you for the content.

You acknowledge to grant ForUs the right to permanently and at anytime use, copy, adjust, amend, disseminate, translate, produce and broadcast content you shared whether partially or totally and at the international level or merge the content in other works and in any format or media outlet and by using any existing technology or ones that are developed in future.

You acknowledge that that the holders of any rights, including moral rights, of the content your provide have fully and completely gave up these rights and that they granted you the effective and inalienable right to grant the above mentioned license. You also agree to give the right to  any participant to view, present, watch, store and copy the content you provide for personal usage.

While taking the above mentioned terms and conditions into consideration, the creator of the content published on the website preserve any and all the rights related to this content.

3. Privacy Policy:

ForUs respects your privacy.

Therefore, it is important that you check how we collect, use and disclose your information. By using this website, you agree that your information will be collected and used as specified in the Privacy Policy. Please also read  the page of Terms and Conditions for using ForUs before you use the website.

4. Prohibited activities:

ForUs gives you the permission to visit the website and use its services in line with the following conditions:

  1. You do not have the right to collect content or information of other users including, and not limited to, emails, passwords and mobile numbers or violating any copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets or any property rights available via ForUs.
  2. You do not have the right to use the website to promote or advertise for any trade mark or commercial brand or any other property rights or any products by any form.
  3. You do not have the right to promote for or publish any content that includes defamation or promotes for hate speech or any other discriminatory content or politically-oriented content or any content that includes threats or is pornographic or incites violence, or that contains nudity or gratuitous violence or is inappropriate.
  4. You do not have the right to use the website by any means that harms or disrupts or weakens or negatively affects the servers and the networks of ForUs or in a manner that contradicts with the benefits of the other users of the content.
  5. You do not have the right to visit ForUs or access any of its services or accounts or log in information or computer software or networks connected to the website by hacking or spoofing the password or any other illegal and unauthorised means.
  6. You do not have the right to publish or announce any wrong or misleading of inaccurate information about yourself or your company or any other individual or entity.
  7. You do not have the right to sell or distribute or transfer or display or perform or publish or license or act or deal with any part of ForUs or its services including any information, software or published products on the website.
  8. You do not have the right to violate any local, national or international laws or any other decree or rule or regulation including, and not limited to, the terms and conditions of use at anytime you are using the website.
  9. You are solely responsible for any violation or loss or damage resulting from practicing any of the above mentioned prohibited activities and you acknowledge that ForUs has no responsibilities towards you or towards any third party with regard to any harm or loss or damage. 
  10. You do not have the right to upload or publish or transfer viruses or any other software codes that seek to damage any information or data or destroy them.
  11. Any breach of the system’s security or the network is subject to civil and criminal liability. ForUs will investigate any incident that my entail any of these violations and will participate and cooperate with the authorities in enforcing the law in referring to court users who commit such violations.

By using this website, you agree that not abiding by any of these conditions represents a violation by your side, which gives ForUs the authority to terminate your usage of the website instantly and take any other measure it deems necessary to cease such prohibited activities and demand for compensation for any losses resulting from the violations.​

5. Third Party Website:

ForUs has the right to provide URLs or references to other websites operated by third parties. ForUs will exert its utmost efforts to carefully and reasonably select the websites that are linked to it. In spite of this, the user is solely responsible for making a decision regarding the accuracy, legality, correctness and authenticity of the implicit and explicit information available on the websites of the third parties.

ForUs does not control or permit or monitor or investigate the performance of the third parties websites. ForUs does not revise or endorse any of the content published on these website and it does not shoulder any responsibility, whether directly or indirectly, towards any damage or loss of other damages resulting from using the content or the products or the services of the third parties available on or through the website.

6. Registration, Emails and Passwords:

ForUs might ask you to create an account. By signing up, you agree on the following:

  1. You represent and warrant that all information provided and published by you is accurate, correct, current and complete as required in the signing  up form and information should be updated when the need arises.
  2. You  acknowledge that providing any false or inaccurate or un-updated or incomplete information gives ForUs the right to block you from accessing the website.
  3. You agree to receiving emails periodically and regularly from ForUs or from other members regarding services, updates and other issues.
  4. You take full responsibility of preserving the security and secrecy of your log in information and your password.
  5. You agree to instantly inform ForUs of any unauthorised use of your log in information or password. ForUs is not responsible for any losses resulting from using your account or password by another person whether with your knowledge or without.

7. Copy right and trademarks:

When using ForUs, you represent and warrant that you will respect intellectual property rights of ForUs and others in line with the relevant laws.

ForUs and all its logos, page headers, icons and cartoons are registered trademarks and owned by ForUs or the entities that granted it the license and they are protected by laws of intellectual property rights, copyright, trademarks, patents or any other related laws.

Moreover, all information and material available on the website including, and not limited to, statements, pages, documents, images, cartoons on the Internet and web pages are protected by the Copyright Law unless otherwise notified. Your usage of the website does not entitle you any right of property right of any of these materials.

ForUs is not legally responsible for any violation of the intellectual property rights that may result of using this website.

8. Monitoring:

ForUs works as a mediator to distribute and publish content provided by the user and is not obliged to check or monitor the mentioned content.

If a user notifies ForUs about a material that is claimed not to be in harmony with the terms of use, then ForUs has the right to look into these claims and make a decision willingly and in a good faith on whether the content should be removed.

ForUs does not shoulder any responsibility or liability towards users to whether execute or not these acts.

ForUs reserves its right to willingly take any measure regarding the material submitted by the user as it deems necessary or suitable if it believes that the material in question will lead to liability or cause loss of services or negatively affects or tarnishes by any form the reputation of ForUs.

9.  Indemnity:

You agree to indemnity, defend and hold harmless ForUs and all other companies associated with it including its licensors, employees, branches, agents, representatives, officials and other services provides (entities to  which Indemnities are paid) from all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, costs, damages of fees (INCLUDING ATTORNEY FEES) arising out of or in any way whether directly or indirectly to  the material you provide or publish or through any unauthorized material acquired via ForUs or any violation by you of any terms of this agreement or any violation of the  rights of any other individual or participation in any activity through the website.

10. Waiver of Liability and Responsibilities:

You acknowledge that ForUs functions as a platform for employers to announce available job opportunities and a place for non-governmental organisations to announce volunteering initiatives to encourage volunteerism and a platform for training institutes and centres to announce available training opportunities.

You also acknowledge that ForUs is a place for organisations supporting entrepreneurship to provide their services and is a venue for job seekers to publish their CVs.

ForUs does not check or monitor the published lists. ForUs does not participate in the deal registered users make and thus ForUs does not have control over and does not warrant or provide explicit or implicit pledges or guarantees regarding the quality and ownership and spread and non-violation and completion and accuracy of any CV of any contact information or any other published material.

ForUs has no responsibility regarding the accuracy or ability of employers to provide jobs for job seekers nor towards job seekers’ capability to fulfill the jobs or the legal opportunities of the safety of the jobs or any other information that can be extracted from the website whether directly or indirectly.

Therefore, you represent and warrant that you use this service on your own responsibility and agree that you are solely responsible for the form, the content and accuracy of any CV or any other material that you post on the website.

Although ForUs will seek to take all precautions that it deems reasonable for the protection of its users, it will not have any responsibilities towards you or towards any other third party for any direct or indirect damages or any other consequences resulting from your usage or access of the website or from any other viruses that affect you while using the website or through relying on information available on the website regardless of the nature of the damage and even if you were informed of the possibility to be compensated.

11.  Governing law and  Jurisdiction:

Terms of use, including and not limited to, the interpretation of these terms and the relationship between you and ForUs are governed by the Jordanian laws and are interpreted in line with these laws regardless of their contribution with the principles of the law. You also clearly agree that the courts in Amman, Jordan are the only specialised courts to look into any difference that may arise with regard to these terms of use.

12. Termination:

Terms of use are into effect until terminated by one of the parties. In case you violate or not abide by the terms of use of their spirit and if you cause any risks for ForUs or make it subject to prosecution, we have the right to ban you from or stop or suspend you from visiting the website with or without a notice. You can also cancel your account or stop using ForUs or stop your application at anytime.

13. General Terms:

The terms of use constitute a full and binding agreement between you and ForUs and govern the use of the website. Non-enforcement or non exercising any right or ruling of these terms does not mean a waiver of these rights or rulings.