Privacy Policy


The King Abdullah II Fund for Development operates ForUs or (the website of the portal) and services related to this website or displayed on it including and limited to tools, applications, emails, advertisements, messages, chat rooms, newsletters, forums, communities, calendars, mobile apps that can be downloaded through ForUs.

The terms "You" or "User" refer to all individuals or entities visiting this website including, and not limited to, students, businesspeople, volunteers, companies, non-governmental organisations, training centres and entrepreneurship support organisations and entities.

The King Abdullah II Fund for Development or will be referred to collectively as ForUs.

ForUs is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of users and seeks to provide you with a safe Internet experience and ensuring that any information you provide to us is private and is used/disclosed only for the purposes and means as announced below.

ForUs presents to you the Privacy Policy to describe the tools that it uses to store, use and protect the information that you provide and how it uses the information and disclose it and how you can control the information, correct it and/or update it.

The privacy policy governs the website and all other related websites, services, tools regardless of how you access them or use them.

As a website that provides counseling regarding jobs, volunteering, entrepreneurship and career guidance, ForUs asks job seekers and institutions that offer jobs to provide information related to the job vacancies/the job seekers to ensure that the search process is more effective. All information is provided optionally.

By using the website or any of its services, you represent and warrant that you read and understood the terms of use and the privacy policy and you approve them.

Every time you visit the website or use its services, you clearly agree and approve that ForUs collects or transfers or processes or stores or uses or discloses any usages or the information that you provide to us as stated in the Privacy Policy.

If you do not understand the Privacy Policy or do not agree to abide by it, then you must stop and refrain from using the website immediately.


To be able to fully participate in the data bases or the search fields on the website that are related to job opportunities, volunteering activities and career guidance, we ask you to register and become a member in the portal.

To be able to sign up, we ask you for contact information, and whenever applicable, for information about your institution (employers, non-governmental organisations, training institutes and companies).

You acknowledge that ForUs is the sole owner of the information gathered through the registration pages and we will not disclose any information to any person outside the website as stipulated by the Privacy Policy.

In spite of that, the contact information (such as the name and the email) can be used for communicating with you regarding any benefits/services on our website that we believe might be of interest for you.

When ForUs uses the term "personal information" in the Privacy Policy it refers to information that might be used to identify or contact a person including the full name, the email or the telephone number.

When ForUs uses the term "anonymous information" in the Privacy Policy, it refers to information that cannot be used identify individuals.

Details and information collected do not include credit cards details for clients and such information is not stored or sold or shared or leased to any other parties.

How ForUs collects your information:

ForUs collects and keeps the information that you willingly present when using the website including, and not limited to, your name, your email, your password, your CV and jobs, training course and volunteering opportunities of interest to you in addition to your contact information.

You have full freedom to provide us with your personal information that you choose when ForUs asks for such information including signing up information, subscription to news letters or giving information related to results. You also have the freedom to provide us with certain information as you deem appropriate, but that might restrict your ability to fully benefit from the website's features.

ForUs provides the option to create a public account based on the information that users provide in their CVs. If this case, the account will become public and can be viewed via search engines.

You can select whether to activate or deactivate your public account at anytime. When a public account is activated, all search engines and others can get copies permanently of the account even if users deactivate their accounts and ForUs will not be able to restrict viewership of the public accounts that are displayed via by search engines.

Some users will be asked to provide detailed contact information and other information on the job requirements when advertising for a vacancy whenever applicable. Information are provided optionally. Ay registered user can view the details for any job vacancy.

Advertisers and any other providers of services on the website can use cookies and other technologies to collect information and ForUs is not responsible regarding how the other parties use the collected perso9nal information as ForUs does not control these parties.

ForUs can gather information about you from other entities including  ID verification services and others and you can choose to give ForUs the right to view specific personal information stored by other parties such as social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

How ForUs uses your information:

ForUs uses the information it obtains from you or receives from other parties to publish it on a search programme so users can find suitable job seekers or appropriate job, training, volunteering or support opportunities.

ForUs also uses the collected information in the following cases:

  1. To administer your account.
  2. To  register you with the website and give you the permission to access the website and its related services.
  3. To provide you with customised content including relevant search results and relevant ads.
  4. To provide you with promotional material or newsletters or offers of other information related to opportunities and jobs that ForUs believes  might of interest for you.
  5. To preserve the safety and security of ForUs products and its services and ensure their integration.
  6. To protect the rights and properties of ForUs and others.
  7. To measure or understand the effectiveness of the ads that you and others can view.
  8. To send emails and inform you about ForUs services including informing you about any new opportunities or potential candidates.
  9. To enhance your experience and the quality of ForUs services.
  10. To answer your questions or inquiries to ForUs and fulfill your demands with regard to products or services.
  11. For internal operations including troubleshooting, data analytics, testing, search and improvement of services.

Information that ForUs shares:

ForUs does not  share your personal information with companies, organisations and individuals outside FortUs community . It only shares such information in the following cases:

  1. If you agree or accept to share or disclose your information.
  2. In cases of applicable legal obligations such as a law or a regulation or a bylaw or search or investigation warrants or court rulings or in special cases including physically threatening you or others or threatening national security or threatening ForUs network or software or in any other cases that ForUs believes giving information is necessary for investigations or protection from harm, cheating or in cases of illegal acts or in case of violation of the Privacy Policy or any other agreement between you and ForUs.
  3. To service providers who act on behalf of ForUs or help it in managing its work or website or services including, and not limited to, field managers and suppliers who provide ForUs with technology or services and/or content to send and receive emails, analyise data, conduct search activities, advertise, process payments and provide customers services.
  4. ForUs might collect personal information about you and share it with other parties with your approval at the time you share the information.
  5. ForUs might share your personal information with any of its affiliate companies or startups or companies that it jointly controls or with third parties that work in cooperate with ForUs. In addition, if ForUs goes into any mergers or is acquired or if its assets are sold, your information might be sold or transferred as part of this process and in spite of this ForUs will continue to guarantee the secrecy of any personal information and will notify involved users of the process before the transfer of your personal information or before your information is subject to another Privacy Policy.
  6. ForUs might share anonymous information gathered about you or about other users with other parties.
  7. Any information including the personal information that you shared in the chat rooms or the message boards or any other interactive forums will be considered public information.
  8. ForUs might use any of your comments about it or about its services for marketing purposes and you clearly and fully agree to this.

Editing your personal information:​

You can change, edit and delete any information you provide.

If you are a registered user with the website, ForUs provides you with the tools and account settings to view or edit the personal information that you provide to the website. In case of any changes to any of your personal information and if you are no longer willing to display your information on the website, you can edit, change or delete your account permanently.

By registering with the website, you give ForUs your clear approval to receive marketing emails or short text messages regarding its services and emails to announce changes or new features that are added to the website. If you decide at any time to stop receiving such emails or text messages, you can delete your subscription and stop receiving these messages by going to "My Account" or the account section on the website.

It is noteworthy that in case you delete information from your profile, ForUs might keep these personal information in line with the Privacy Policy to keep data and the personal information might be kept in the data bases, access logs and other files.

In addition, ForUs is not responsible for updating or removing your personal information in the lists or the data bases of other parties who were provided with your information as allowed by the Privacy Policy.

Changes to privacy policy:

ForUs preserve the right to change, alter or remove parts of the Privacy Policy at anytime without a prior notice. These changes go into effect immediately upon publishing unless otherwise advised by ForUs. Your continued use of the website or any of its services after the changes in the Privacy Policy constitutes your continued approval of terms of use and Privacy Policy after the made changes.

Protecting your personal information:

ForUs continues to take all precautionary measures to protect your personal information and keep them secure and protect them from being used or from unauthorized disclosure. All personal information are encrypted.

In spite of this, the Internet is not considered a safe means and ForUs cannot guarantee absolute privacy of your personal information.

We will continuously inform you of any changes/improvements to our Privacy Policy.

How to Contact ForUs:

In case of any inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy or the terms of use or any other inquiries, you can contact us at the following email: [email protected]. ​