How to Read? What to Read?

How to Read? What to Read?
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2 hours ساعة
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Reading is the starting point towards knowledge. Some books summarize people's experiences during their lifetime. Once a person reads more to a certain author he or she would gain extensive experience equivalent to that of the author. As well this person can identify the thoughts stated in the book and relate to real life experiences. In this course we will learn why do we need to read and how to benefit and gain certain advantages from the contents of what we read. In addition to focusing on related important subjects that will be mentioned below.

What You Will Learn

- Why read?
- What to read and how to choose a book or article?
- How to read and conclude?
- How to understand between the lines and the balance of understanding?
- How to save and identify important information?
- How to write after learning to read and how to apply what you read

Instructors and Team

Ghaith Battikhi

Ghaith Battikhi

Ghaith Battikhi is a published write with a best selling book named “إن كنت تبحث عن الله” a book that approaches faith from a philosophical and scientific manner. Ghaith owns GB Advisory a boutique consulting firm that links psychology with management consulting, he has over 10 years of experience in training and consulting with Deloitte & Touche M.E. with a strong record of successful projects and delivery. Ghaith is a serious reader of books, with a target to finish 40 books yearly and apply new knowledge in his career, personal ...