Healthy Community Clinic (HCC) Course

Healthy Community Clinic (HCC) Course
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2 hours ساعة
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The Healthy Community Clinic (HCC) course tackles the aspects of prevention and management of the most common non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Jordan, which include cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes. It also explores the correlation between risk factors such as obesity and smoking and poorer health outcomes. In addition, the course provides crucial information related to the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle comprising of nutrition, physical activity, monitoring overall health status, and compliance with therapy. This course aims to equip healthcare providers with the tools necessary to support and motivate patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle in order to increase their quality of life and to better manage their NCDs. Moreover, this course provides an overview of mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression and examines the common causes and triggers for these disorders, and illustrates the main coping mechanisms used to manage and prevent them. Finally, it intends to refute the stigma around psychotherapy and medical intervention.

Instructors and Team

Dr. Areej Othman

Dr. Areej Othman

Areej Othman, a full professor at the School of Nursing at the University of Jordan; she had served as the department chair of maternal and child health nursing between 2017 and 2020. Dr. Othman's research focuses on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues in general and those related to youth and women in specific. She led and contributed to significant research and implementation programs in the country through varied partnerships with national and international institutions including The Royal Health Awareness Society in Jordan and The Women and Health ...