Social Return on Investment

Social Return on Investment
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Every day, through our actions and activities, we create and destroy value. Our actions change and affect the world around us. And the time we are currently experiencing from the Corona crisis is the biggest evidence that our businesses have a major and global impact on society and the surrounding environment therefore, we cannot ignore the impact of every project or work done by humans anywhere in the world. On the other hand, the value we create cannot always be translated into financial values, except that, most of the time, only financial values ​​are measured and taken into account. As a result, things that can be bought and sold acquire more importance and many important things that cannot be measured directly are excluded. The decisions taken are not sufficient, as they are based on incomplete information about various important impacts. Therefore, recently a new concept emerged to encourage individuals and institutions to consider the impact of their practices and activities on the surrounding society and related groups, and this concept is known as "social value". This concept is of great importance as it helps to understand the positive or negative social consequences of any initiative or activity that the institution implements, and thus the ability to modify it (if necessary), thus contributing to achieving social justice and reducing the negative environmental impacts resulting from the work of institutions.

What You Will Learn

Understand the goals and importance of calculating the social return on investment and thus increase the social impact
Ability to distinguish between inputs, outcomes and changes
Understand the importance of determining the chain of change and the theory of change in general
Ability to identify substantial indicators of change
Learn the methods of calculating the social return on investment