Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development
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2 hours ساعة
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The concept of sustainable development is a business approach that encourages organizations to incorporate a number of socially, environmentally and economically responsible practices into their daily work, in addition to their dealings with relevant authorities (such as employees, customers, the environment, the local community, and suppliers). Studies have shown that institutions that adopt a sustainable approach and consider their social, environmental and economic impacts generate profits that are 30% higher than other companies and increase their market value by 10%. Working in a responsible and sustainable manner contributes to creating a competitive advantage for the organization, improving reputation, increasing employee and customer loyalty, in addition to improving their internal business and productivity, and thus increasing profits in the long run. The importance of the course at the present time lies in the fact that institutions and individuals need to understand and apply this concept, as the COVID crisis and many previous disasters such as floods, fires and epidemics, came to warn humans against their irresponsible practices and focus on economic development only without looking at environmental and social development. Studies have shown that during the period of curfews many environmental problems were solved, such as the emergence of many endangered animals, improved air quality, and reduced carbon emissions. Therefore, we must learn from the current period and take the concept of sustainable development seriously in the future, and even take resolute measures to adopt this concept, which provides for environmental, social and economic justice to avoid future epidemics and disasters.

What You Will Learn

Distinguish between philanthropy, social responsibility, sustainable development
An in-depth understanding of the sustainable development pillars
Know the advantages and real value resulting from adopting a sustainable development strategy
Identify the basic steps needed to establish a sustainable development strategy
The ability to create a preliminary strategic plan and its main pillars
Determine the appropriate means of communication to announce the programs and activities