Data analysis using Excel

Data analysis using Excel
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The Data Analysis Using Excel course is a free course offered by Edraak and falls under the Specialization of Excel Program. The course introduces learners to the role of Excel in data analysis in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. It also explains the topic of big data, sustainable development, the risks of dealing with big data, the concept of data analysis and its stages, the purpose of its analysis, methods of analysis, and excel tables. The ability to analyze data is a powerful skill that helps us make better decisions in many areas of our work life, and Microsoft Excel enables us to do this using simple equations, as this program is one of the best tools for data analysis, and we can say that the included pivot tables are the analytical tool. Most popular through it. The data analysis using Excel program includes many basic topics for data analysis in Excel, such as data mining and validation, how to import data from systems, from a text file, the Internet, or from the database, how to work with the tables imported from it and calculate the alpha value used in Data analysis, data analysis methods, and everything related to data science. The data analysis using Excel program comes after three courses in this specialization, namely: Excel functions and tricks, Excel programming using the (VBA) language, and the Excel dashboard, followed by the two electronic spreadsheets courses in the program Excel and advanced skills in Microsoft Excel. We recommend that you register for all major excel courses. Moreover, analyzing data using Excel shows how to start working with Add-Ins, activate the Power Query tool, use the Goal Seek tool, and start working with the Data Table and Scenario Manager tool, using queries and communications. Preparing data for analysis using (Power Query), descriptive statistics, and how to start using the tool (Solver) to manage inventory and production with financial events and to optimize projects. In the course of analyzing data using an Excel program, we will discuss how to develop businesses using Excel formulas and employ them by finding solutions through equations, how to build a dashboard using a pivot table and multiple table, data analysis tools using a multi-table pivot table, the revolution of analyzes, how to represent data, use graphs and tricks. Diagrams in its analysis. Learners in the data analysis course using Excel need to have Excel proficiency in data analysis specifically to be able to pass the course and here they will learn about nonlinear modeling and interactions, analyzing the main components in data science, integrating factors related to multiple regression, data analysis methods, and neural networks in Forecasting based on special events, and the (Moving Average) method. Join us in this free course from Edraak to learn how to analyze data in Excel, use the ANOVA tool, two-way analysis of variance tools, criteria for evaluating investment projects and the financial component. In addition to how to use the mathematical method in analyzing data and variable averages.

What You Will Learn

Business development using Excel formulas
How to employ equations by finding solutions through equations
The Analytics Revolution
Excel spreadsheets
Analyze data with (Add-Ins)
Excel Solver
Import data from systems
Data validation
Pivot table with data analysis
Summarize the data
Multiple regression
The financial part

Instructors and Team

Mohamed Abdallah

Mohamed Abdallah

Consultant in data analysis and reporting with a group of companies including LEO Pharma, SANOFI ICDL instructor, Excel Basic, Excel Intermediat and Excel Advanced since 2003