Building dashboard using Excel

Building dashboard using Excel
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The Excel Dashboards course is a free course offered by Edraak that falls under the Specialization Excel Program and aims to clarify several topics, the most important of which are: How to build an Excel dashboard and the best practices that must be followed during its creation. Learners in this course will need to know how to use Excel professionally. Excel dashboards can be a great tool when it comes to tracking, developing, reviewing and validating key performance indicators (KPIs), to ensure their suitability, comparing data points, examining data used, and obtaining data-backed views that can help management take action. The right decisions to achieve its success. In the Excel Dashboards course, we will learn how to create an Excel dashboard, the features and tools that we can use in this program, the things that should be avoided at all costs, and the recommended training materials. Plus how to use scorecards to create KPIs, design excel charts, use averages, time and date, and link Dashboard controls. The Dashboard course begins in Excel with an explanation of the concept and benefits of a dashboard, the importance of using performance indicators (KPI), and how it is possible to develop performance indicators to work step-by-step with giving models on key performance indicators, their characteristics and pillars, and it also explains how to design the Dashboard Excel and how we make sure the data fits in with the KPIs. The Dashboard course in Excel also explains spreadsheets, how to link between more than one table, how to create and manage relationships between tables, how to start working with (Power Pivot Table), add equations, and create a control panel through (Power Pivot Table) And adding them through the same file and how to deal with graphs in them and design Excel charts. The Excel Dashboards course moves to explain conditional formatting in various ways (Color Scale, Data Bar, Icon Sets), default rules for conditional formatting, custom rules, and rule management in conditional formatting and charts or so-called sparklines in Excel. Their types, how to create them, depending on reports (Pie Charts), and how to build an Excel dashboard. The Dashboard course in Excel is the third course in this specialization, in addition to the courses in Excel programming using the (VBA) language, Excel functions and tricks, data analysis using Excel, and spreadsheets in Excel program ( Excel), advanced skills in Microsoft Excel, and the course gives an introduction to JavaScript. Register for this free course from Edraak to learn about pivot tables, filtering, scheduling, design management and layout in pivot tables, how to design an Excel dashboard, and how to prepare data for use in a dashboard and an excel dashboard.

What You Will Learn

Dashboard concept
How to build, design and set up a dashboard from scratch
How to use some Excel functions to create dynamic data
Import data from various sources
Combine and organize data for a visual presentation
Analyze data to gain insights to support decision-making
Use the form controls to interact with the dashboard
How to build and maintain a dashboard

Instructors and Team

Mohamed Abdallah

Mohamed Abdallah

Consultant in data analysis and reporting with a group of companies including LEO Pharma, SANOFI ICDL instructor, Excel Basic, Excel Intermediat and Excel Advanced since 2003