Advanced Excel - (2)

Advanced Excel - (2)
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Advanced Skills Course 2 in Excel is a free course offered by Edraak to teach advanced Excel and falls under the specialty of Excel programming in addition to courses in Excel programming using the language (VBA), the dashboard in Excel program (Excel dashboards), and analysis Data using Excel, spreadsheets in Excel, and advanced skills in Microsoft Excel. The Advanced Skills 2 course in the Excel program aims to develop and refine advanced skills in Excel for learners and strengthen the capabilities of each of them so that they can find appropriate solutions to business requirements. The course also allows access to building information from the model database stored on the private server. Project. Learners need to have a professional knowledge of Excel to be able to complete this course. The Advanced Skills 2 course in Excel includes many important topics for Excel proficiency, such as: If Statements, Lookup Equations, Offset Function Equation, Indirect Equation, and Circular References ( Circular References, and the comparison between Lookup equations, Index & Matrix equations. During the Advanced Skills 2 course in Excel, learners will also learn about some tricks in Excel as well as advanced ideas in Excel such as: how to improve equations through advanced employment of names, business development using equations, combining names and types of cell references, and developing reports. Dynamics and linking them through filters, and developing reports using matrix equations. Advanced Skills 2 in Excel course explains how to work with 3D formulas, use a dynamic cell orbit within equations, use financial equations, and employ functions in business development with minimal time and effort so that you become an Excel expert. The course also explains how to use information retrieval equations in business solutions and develop solutions using (Text Functions). In addition, the Advanced Skills 2 course in Excel program introduces learners to advanced ideas in Excel, including count equations, matrix equations, count equations through matrices, conditional count equations, conditional count equations through matrices, conditional addition equations and conditional mean equations, and explains how to use Nouns advance and improve equations using nouns. Finally, in the Advanced Skills 2 course in Excel, we address how to employ time and date equations and their various uses, how to employ If Statement in business solutions, how to deal with textual equations, how to separate texts using equations, deal with date and time, financial equations, and many more. Advanced skill in using this program. If you want to become an Excel expert, sign up with us on this free course from Edraak to gain advanced Excel skills and learn about many tricks in Excel and the secrets of advanced Excel in business development in order to reach the level of Excel professionalism.

What You Will Learn

How to improve equations by employing nouns
Combine names and cell reference types
Advanced subtleties of business development using Excel
How to use functions in business development with minimal time and effort
If Statement Employment in Business Solutions
Employing information retrieval equations in business solutions
Developing dynamic reports and linking them through filters
Use a dynamic cell source inside the equations
Developing Solutions Using Text Functions
Employ date and time equations and their uses
Work with 3D formulas
Use of financial equations

Instructors and Team

Mohamed Abdallah

Mohamed Abdallah

Consultant in data analysis and reporting with a group of companies including LEO Pharma, SANOFI ICDL instructor, Excel Basic, Excel Intermediat and Excel Advanced since 2003