Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping
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Mind Mapping is a free course by Edraak, which covers the uses, benefits, and steps of mind mapping. In addition, the course highlights the various areas where we can apply mind mapping and how we can utilize it to improve our performance by replacing words with graphics to make our ideas more organized, concise, comprehensive, and easy to remember. Mind mapping is defined as images that contain graphics with special symbols to help us understand them. Mind mapping can be used in all areas of life to indicate the different geographical locations on earth, the population density in a particular area, terrain, climate, or even our personal life matters. Through this course, you will learn how to create your own mind map in detail and in one hour only. You will also learn how you can use maps to organize any aspect of your life, whether it was education, business, or personal issues. The course is dedicated to teaching mind mapping in easy steps for both children and adults. Mind Mapping is not new, yet it has recently been used as a means of unlocking untapped potential in people’s ways of thinking and unleashing their creative outside the box ideas that help the brain get creative with solutions and express them on paper or even digitally using any specialized software. Mind mapping emerged as a modern method of thinking by drawing a scheme that combines writing, symbols, drawings, colors, and images, aiming to clarify the designer's ideas. We can understand the map by analyzing the drawings to understand them, linking the meanings of words to these pictures, and then linking these meanings with each other. Mind maps are also called mental maps or cognitive maps, the name is derived from the word mind to reflect on how the human brain works. Mind maps are one of the most successful methods used for studying, as they enable students to connect all information with each other and get back to it at any time. During this interactive course, we will create two mind maps, one on time management and another on global warming and what can we do about it, as a means of practice. You will need some papers and coloring pencils to use throughout the learning period to be able to learn how to draw our mind map step by step. Learn everything about mind mapping in this free course and create an easy to remember mind map in a fun and engaging way, let's start designing together.

What You Will Learn

The history of mind mapping
How to utilize mind mapping in education
The fundamentals of mind mapping
Creative ways of thinking
How to create a mind map in easy and simple steps
The left and right sides of the brain and their roles
The necessary tools used for creating a mind map
Different solutions that mind maps offer