Leading the Change

Leading the Change
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Leading the Change is a free course offered by Edraak, which covers the importance of change, its plans, stages, the team responsible for implementing change in an organization, and how to build a qualified team who can plan a suitable change strategy and employ it. The course also introduces the main components that make change possible, simple, and easy. Change is a constant in many of our lives, it's all around us, from technologies and processes to people, ideas, and methods that often change, affecting the way we perform daily tasks. This course will give you the tools needed to implement change more smoothly and to have people more accepting of those changes. Through this course, you will learn how a leader manages change developments using the inquiry tool with its four stages. You will also learn the different types of change, the role of flexibility in it, how to accept any change with minimal resistance, and the importance and power of change in refining your skills. You will discover how change can help you achieve your future goals more quickly and efficiently, expand your perceptions in order to be able to welcome change with all its mystery, and adapt to any situation that may result from that change with less pain or fear and more conviction. Consequently, this will reflect positively on your career and make you more flexible with your relationships, you will feel more secure and live in complete harmony by realizing that external circumstances and surroundings have no effect on your feelings and that you're in control of them, especially in light of the latest challenging we're experiencing today such us (COVID-19). This course helps leaders successfully manage the change process within the organization by clarifying the steps of preparing and planning for change so that employees can easily follow them. The course also demonstrates the importance of delegating and keeping communication channels open, in addition to the importance of continuous evaluation and adaptation. The course also explains transformational management and the wheel of change with its four stages. In addition to the five steps of building flexible thinking and resilience for both the leader and the individual establishing change in a successful and sustainable manner, and finally how to begin the journey of Leading the Change. Now more than ever, it is absolutely necessary to learn how to embrace and embark on change smoothly to be able to better cope with the surrounding environment amidst the pandemic. Register in this course to get a better understanding of how change can be successfully implemented and some of the tools used for managing people's reactions to change.

What You Will Learn

The stages of change on a personal or work level, before it becomes institutionalized
The different components for leading a successful change
How to let go of our fears and not let them hold us back
Ways to engage in continuous and ongoing learning as a means of embracing change in a positive manner
The ability to accept the many changes going on in life as the new norm with minimal resistance and pain from the past