What marketing strategy should I follow?


Different types of marketing strategies are designed to achieve different goals, which is why a company might need more than one marketing strategy to keep the business growth on the right trajectory.

From traditional to mobile to social, there are numerous marketing tactics out there. The company's marketing strategy depends on different factors. Here are a few points that should be taken into consideration when deciding on the best marketing strategy: 

1. Vision and goals for the company – everything should be aligned with the ultimate goal of the company
2. Target audience – The company might have different strategies going in parallel for different audiences and using different channels
3. Marketing budget
4. Industry
5. Customers, customers, customers should be the focus of the company at all times
6. Maintain a brand image and identity for credibility

Once the above have been identified, better decisions could be done regarding which channels and forms of communication will resonate most with the business to achieve anticipated results.
A few examples of marketing techniques are:
1. Webinars
2. Articles on the Internet and in print publications.
3. Blogging
4. Social media platforms
5. Hiring influencers
6. Networking
7. Speaking at events

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