What are the key points to mention in an elevator pitch?


A great elevator pitch — the 30-second speech that tells someone about your business in a nutshell — is one of the most important tools an entrepreneur can have.

When preparing a pitch, it's important to keep these six fundamental factors in mind.  

1. Be brief 
During the elevation pitch, you must be able to summarize your idea in the time it takes to travel from one floor to another. That generally means you've got less than one minute to make a connection and a strong impression on someone.
2. Be clear & concise
From first line to closing sentence, the elevator pitch must convey a comprehensive message in an easy-to-understand language. Speak in an even but energetic tone, stand up straight, smile and maintain eye contact.
3. Make it specific to your audience. 
You get one chance at explaining what your business does in order to entice a specific audience to want to understand more, [and] the pitch must be altered to fit the audience's specific needs
4. Highlight your benefits.
In most professional settings, people are much less interested in who you are than what you do and what you can do for them. 
5. Identify the problem and your solution.
What matters most to your listeners is that you are credible and competent at what you do, and you have uniquely-effective solutions to their specific business problems. Communicate that you understand the nature of their core problem and succinctly explain what your solution is, how you plan to implement it, and how your product or service trumps the competition.
6. Extend an invitation to continue the conversation. 
An elevator pitch is arguably the most important marketing tool because it’s often the first thing that people learn about you. It’s best delivered in person and can be revised on the spot for virtually any situation. Improve the persuasiveness of your pitch’s by practicing it frequently with different people in various settings, and watch your success rate rise higher and higher.

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