How can start-ups prepare for scalability from an early start?


(1) Get the Company Basics Done:
- Ensure your core product/service to reach market fit. All necessary improvements based on comments, notes, reactions and reviews from the public were applied in order to achieve a product/service that is highly demanded.
- Figure out your primary target market. 
- Study possible marketing channels and choose the ones with the biggest return on investment (ROI) and scaling potential by testing with a smaller budget.
- Plan for another round of funding with your use of funds dedicated to scaling. 

(2) Automate Everything
- Set up cloud storage and organization
- Set up training processes for new hires
- Set up marketing automation
- Set up payroll for rapid processing
- Set up automatic bill payments/withdrawals

(3) Boost Marketing
- Focus on marketing that will allow for scalability
- Direct marketing and ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing are not scalable forms of marketing
- Scalable forms of marketing include, content marketing and viral potential 

(4) Outsource Non-Essentials
- Outsourcing positions like graphic designers, developers, and lawyers can allow a start up to focus on its product/service and not need to hire a full team for every country it enters. 

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