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Job interviews are arguably some of the most important meetings that greatly affect your career trajectory. It is the bridge that allows the applicant to land a job. In order pass the bridge successfully, there are certain tips and techniques that need to be adapted in an interview to turn it into a successful one. The basic rule of a good interview is the ability to convince the hiring manager of why you are a good fit for the job. Because the competition rate over jobs is rising, we designed this course to brush up on basic interview skills and prepare you for your interview, regardless of the position you’re trying to get. We will share with you tips, advice and opinions from employers to demonstrate confidence in your communication with the person conducting the interview. You will learn how to prove yourself as the optimal person for the job, through a combination of the unique personality, experiences, interests and competencies appropriate for the job.

What You Will Learn

Identifying the skills that the interviewer searches for in the job candidate
Different types of interviews, including those for recent graduates
A wide range of sector-specific questions and suggested answers
How to dress for success, as well as interview etiquette and follow-up strategies
Mistakes that should be avoided to be the perfect candidate for the job

Course Prerequisites

An open mind and willingness to try new things.

Instructors and Team

Ahmed Al-Torani

Ahmed Al-Torani

Ahmed Al-Torani holds a degree in Business Information Systems from the University of Jordan, and he is a “Certified International Trainer” from the American Institute. He is an expert in human resource development and a specialist in career development and methods of job searching in the Middle East.
Amara Zabayr

Amara Zabayr

Amara Zabayr holds a Bachelor's degree in accounting and information systems management from Winona State University and has a variety of professional experiences.